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Halloween Cupcake Decorating Ideas

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Decorating cupcakes for an event is always fun, but for Halloween it’s an excuse to go that extra mile, with brightly coloured icing and a lot of sprinkles (googly eyes included!). Using some of these recipes as design inspiration (with any cupcake recipe you like), you can make a batch of cupcakes the Trick or Treat-ers will never forget….

Halloween Cupcakes

These simply decorated ghost cupcakes from Chelsea’s Messy Apron are perfect for needing to decorate a lot of cakes. If you have more time and prefer a pop of colour, then her hairy monsters will definitely brighten up the batch.

Halloween Cupcakes

If you have monsters in mind, then the eyeball sprinkles will definitely come in handy for these Wilton cupcakes. Throw a handful on some swirly icing for a multi-eyed creature or just a couple to turn a pumpkin into a monster too.

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These cupcakes from Chaleese Leishman look like they came straight out of the Trick or Treat bag covered in spiders, oreos, macarons and sprinkles. The perfect sugar rush!

Halloween Cupcakes

Chocolate spiderwebs give a minimalist touch to these cupcakes from Country Living.

Halloween Cupcake toppers

If you feel like anything other than icing is too much for you, then why not pop a seasonal printable on top instead. These black cats from I Scream for Buttercream look like they’re ready to pounce. With normal card and ink they won’t be edible decorations, but they’ll look perfectly on theme.

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The Baking Explorer shows us how to make beautiful autumnal cupcakes with little fondant pumpkins on, which would be perfect throughout the season. However, you can always change up the colour of the icing to give it a more spooky vibe and even carve the pumpkins too. If you want to learn how to make fondant pumpkins then check out this tutorial from Xbakes.

Happy Halloween!

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