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Cute Halloween Nail Art

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If you’re not a big fan of dressing up for Halloween, but you still want to get into the spooky spirit, then why not try painting your nails for the occasion! Here are a few cute design tutorials to get you started.

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If you’re into Halloween, but want to keep it cute, then you should definitely try these Pusheen themed nails from Not Your Average Nails. Pusheen dressed in different Halloween costumes is too adorable for words.

Halloween nail art

This black and metallic design from So Nailicious reminds me of the cover of a spell book. I really appreciate the incorporation of stickers in this look, as you can achieve intricate designs without having to paint them yourself.

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These minimalist designs from Cute Polish are perfect for those of you who want a design on your nails, but don’t want it to be too tricky or too time consuming. Simple but effective.

cute Halloween nail art

If you have decided to dress up as a witch for Halloween, then surely having a black cat is a requirement. Try this design from Lulus so that you can have your feline friend beside you at all times.

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I love the repeated patterns and pastel colour scheme on these Halloween designs from Yoko Nailart. Choose from pumpkins, candy corn or cute little ghosts, or paint all three at once.

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Speaking of pumpkins, this design from Nail Art Break just shows how a little more detail can really make a difference. Plus, a pumpkin isn’t just for Halloween, so these could last you through the autumn season if you wanted.

Happy Halloween!

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    October 18, 2022 at 2:31 pm

    That last one is gorgeous, I imagine it’d look cute as other types of pumpkins as well, if someone wanted to expand to autumn as suggested. :)

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