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Sailor Moon 30th Anniversary Picks

Posted on August 26, 2022 by

Alongside lovable pink blob Kirby, it’s also Sailor Moon’s 30th anniversary this year, so here’s a roundup of cute picks, DIYs, and even some freebies to celebrate 30 years of Sailor Moon whether you’re a long-time enthusiast, a returning fan, or a newbie.

Sailor Moon x Sanrio plush

It’s been a long time coming, but everyone was hyped when Sailor Moon and Sanrio finally announced their first-time collaboration which included plushies, standees, keychains, and a whole range of other items! Things are selling out fast, but you can still score some goods via the online Sanrio shop (JP – requires forwarding service) and VeryGoods (JP) or try your luck on Ebay.

Sailor Moon x Uniqlo

Uniqlo have released three new Sailor Moon shirts with designs from the Eternal movie, and you can grab your favorite through the online Uniqlo stores in US, UK, EU, and CA.

Sailor Moon x Vans

Even streetwear label Vans have collaborated with Sailor Moon, and you can pore through a range of shoes, hats, hoodies, and even bags available through their US, UK, EU, CA, and AU websites.

Sailor Moon Baby-G casio watch

Casio also have a collab through their Baby-G watch, which looks so pretty and would make a perfect statement for your outfit! For the latest news and offers based on your country/region’s Casio distributors and retailers, click here.

Sailor Moon x casetify

Casetify (US) is known for their range of iPhone and Samsung Galaxy cases in various colors and patterns, but they’ve also got ones for AirPods, Nintendo Switch, and other gadgets. Their Sailor Moon collab would instantly cute-ify your device!

Watch on YouTube

Now for a couple of DIYs, check out ArtzieRush’s tutorial to make a super cute Crystal Star pocket mirror out of polymer clay. Moon Prism Power, make up!

Watch on YouTube

makoccino also has a tutorial for a couple of cute hand warmers inspired by the feline advisors Luna and Artemis.

Sailor Moon Eternal VR show

Lastly, Viveport, a virtual reality app store, have released an exclusive Sailor Moon Eternal VR show for free! You will need a VR headset to access it and get to watch various scenes including Super Sailor Moon, Super Sailor Chibi Moon, and Pegasus. It’s only available until the 29th of August, but you can get a preview of it via the screenshots included on the website, which you can also use as wallpapers.

For any Sailor Moon fans here, which pick did you like the best? :)

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