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SCK Tries… Easter Egg Bath Bombs

Posted on April 7, 2022 by

It’s another edition of SCK Tries where we try out a DIY and see how it works in real life. This time I’m trying bath bombs for Easter – with a kawaii surprise inside!

The Original DIY

DIY Easter Egg Bath Bombs

I love taking baths, so when I saw these adorable DIY Easter Egg Bath Bombs from Bitz & Giggles, I had to give them a try.

Materials & Process

DIY Easter Egg Bath Bombs

All the ingredients were easy to find at the grocery store – baking soda, Epsom salt, cornstarch, citric acid, food coloring, and even essential oils. You will also need plastic Easter eggs, which I found at the dollar store, a bowl, a whisk and a kitchen scale.

DIY Easter Egg Bath Bombs

The bath bomb recipe was very easy to follow and came together quickly. It does get white powder everywhere (especially if you have a 4-year-old helper), but it wipes up well. I did reduce the essential oil to 1 teaspoon, which seemed more than enough. I also divided the mix between 3 bowls so that we could have 3 different colors.

DIY Easter Egg Bath Bombs

Even though the mix feels very dry, it holds its shape and packs into the plastic eggs easily. I decided to make these into surprise bath bombs and we put a kawaii tiny toy in the center before pressing the 2 sides together.

DIY Easter Egg Bath Bombs

We packed 6 eggs and still had quite a bit of mix left over, so I also made a bath cupcake and a sphere. We were out of tiny toys, so we decorated those with some edible silver star sprinkles. Then we left them on the table to dry overnight.

DIY Easter Egg Bath Bombs

The finished product was so cute! They held together well, even the ones with surprises inside. The egg fizzes for a few minutes and creates a lightly colored, semi-opaque bath water that smells lovely. My daughter has sensitive skin and had no problems after using 2 of these in her bath.

DIY Easter Egg Bath Bombs

Wouldn’t these make a kawaii favor or decoration for Easter brunch? I will definitely be making them again.

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