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Cute Hot Chocolate To Buy & DIY

Posted on January 31, 2022 by

January 31st is National Hot Chocolate Day and I can’t wait to share my love of this comforting beverage. I did not drink coffee for most of my adult life and my hot beverage of choice was hot chocolate. Even though I drink coffee now, I still enjoy hot chocolate.

Starbucks Japan valentines 2022

Let’s start with my absolute all-time favorite hot chocolate mix, Starbucks Classic Hot Cocoa Mix (US/UK). I prefer dark chocolate, and this mix has a dark chocolate flavor while still being sweet. I always have a tin of this in the cupboard. Mix it with your morning coffee in an adorable stainless tricolor Starbucks Japan Hearts Tumbler from the new Valentines collection at JapanHaul (JP).

hot chocolate recipe

If you would rather make your own hot chocolate mix to have on hand, Alton’s Brown’s recipe is perfect. The recipe is easy to put together and is always delicious. Also, Mr. Brown always offers recipes in US and Metric, which is handy.

hot chocolate bombs

I recently got to try my very first hot chocolate bomb from my favorite Portland candy company, Bees & Beans (US). I got to try 3 different flavors – dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and white chocolate – and they were so much more fun that I realized they would be. Not to mention a really delicious treat. You can try some of their other amazing treats while you wait for hot chocolate bomb season to roll around again.

star wars hot chocolate bomb

Star Wars fans should give this Mandalorian Chocolate Ball (US) a try. The star of this one is a marshmallow Grogu hidden inside. This is great for people who love a marshmallow in their hot chocolate but do not like keep a whole bag of marshmallows on hand. It’s also so kawaii. Or grab a vegan bomb with marshmallows from Lakeland (UK).

valentines hot chocolate bombs recipe

To make your own hot chocolate bomb, this recipe from Charisse Yu would make adorable Valentine’s gifts. A tip for the filling – things like sprinkles are cute but they don’t melt well. This can make the hot cocoa gritty. Stick to things that melt well and will add to the flavor like crushed peppermint candy, mini marshmallows, and chocolate shavings.

DIY hot chocolate bombs recipe

Or if you prefer spheres, you can try this recipe from Little Sunny Kitchen.

DIY vegan hot chocolate bombs recipe

For an adorable vegan version, head to The Pretty Bee.

Watch on YouTube

For a tutorial on how to draw a kawaii hot chocolate (maybe to add to the tag of your hot cocoa bomb gifts), check out Mofu Kawa.

Can’t get enough hot cocoa recommendations? Check out Natasja’s Cute Hot Chocolate DIYs article from last year.

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