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In case you missed it, I recently featured a couple of tutorials from Yeppug in my post on DIY planner supplies. But there are so many more cute projects on their channel that I just couldn’t resist sharing a few more of my favorites!

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There are plenty tutorials to choose from when it comes to DIY stickers, but I think my personal favorite video is the one for Baskin Robbins ice cream stickers. I’m definitely a foodie!

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It’s a great channel if you want ideas for cardmaking too—there are tutorials for large and small cards, with varying degrees of detail. I love the idea of these DIY mini popsicle cards.

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I love that there is such a variety of paper crafts featured on the channel, rather than it only having the same few types (i.e. cards, bookmarks, etc). A good example of this is that there’s even a tutorial for making a pet scrapbook from scratch. I think it’s a cute idea to make one with doodles in lieu of photos.

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While the channel is primarily paper crafts, that’s definitely not all it has to offer! There are plenty of other projects to try out, including some cute storage ideas. The milk carton storage house is a great way to recycle and make a cute place for your washi or knick-knacks at the same time.

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There are even miniature crafts as well! my favorite by far is the DIY miniature corgi desk. It also includes several miniature school supplies. This would be cute just for desk décor, but it really makes me wish I had a doll to make it for!

Be sure to browse through the rest of the videos on the Workshop by Yeppug channel, and let us know in the comments which tutorial is your favorite.

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