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If you’re one of the many who have just started back to school recently – or just a planner addict in general – a fun alternative to buying planner supplies is making them! The great thing about making your own supplies is that your imagination is your only limit, and it can also be an inexpensive way to grow your supply collection. There are actually plenty of tutorials for different supplies you can use for planning or journaling, but here are some that I have found most helpful.

Washi Tape

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For a very simple DIY washi tape, Karen Kavett DIY has an awesome tutorial on how to make your own washi using only paint. If you’re not into painting, the video also covers a few other ways to make your own washi.

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If you want your washi to have extra cute designs or patterns on it, Workshop by Yeppug’s DIY washi tape video should help get you going with 16(!) different designs.


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Craft Nica shows you two different but simple ways to make your own stickers using just a pen and markers. This is a very affordable option if you want to plan or journal on a budget.

embroidered felt donut clips

Paper Clips

There many, many paper clip tutorials out there, but it seems a lot of them are very simple paper or washi versions. What if you want something a little more fancy? Take a page out of Flamingo Toes play book and make your own embroidered felt donut clips.

Memo Pads

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It’s worth mentioning that the Workshop by Yeppug channel also has a helpful video that shows you how to make four different DIY memo pads. She even includes how to make a storage envelope for them—so cute!

We’d love to see what everyone makes, so be sure to tag us on social media if you decide to follow any of these tutorials. And if you need more planner and back to school craft ideas, you can also check out the DIY Crafts section!

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