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Meet Jessica, SCK’s Summer Intern!

Posted on July 8, 2019 by

Hi everyone! My name’s Jessica and I live in north Staffordshire in the UK. I’m a creative perfectionist and always trying to find new ways of improving my art. I love to draw cute things like manga, my favourite art styles currently being kemonomimi and surrealism. I read all the time and hope to one day write my own book, whether that be a manga, novel or something else! I play cute games like ‘a hat in time’ and experimenting with alternative clothing styles! I can’t wait to research even more kawaii things!

Jessica Chanrio

SO yeah! Here are a few of my top favourite YouTube videos… channels… both! In no particular order we have:

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One of the things I never included in my bio was that I also enjoy baking. A lot of Jemma’s videos and bright cake designs really inspire me! Look at this Space Unicorn cake!

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I really enjoy her art style and way of storytelling. Her videos are so cute and funny especially in this one on childhood crushes XD

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This may not strike you as the most kawaii of channels but as a fellow anime fan he’s the one who got me into cute/horror style games like Ib and Dreaming Mary.

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I really love MLP and this Bride of Discord series is definitely up there as one of my top fan series and ships ;)

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Not a channel this time but I love the art style and message of this Korean music video! It’s so cute, the second half I think being my favourite song (cake dance) :3

Jessica will be helping out behind the scenes for the next few months and also writing a few posts for the blog. You can follow her on Instagram too or check out her website.

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