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When It comes to clothing, I like to look for something cute and a bit different. So here are some of my favourite Japanese Lolita brands for you all to check out. Most of the shops do not ship internationally, so you will need to use a forwarding or shopping service.

Japanese Lolita fashion books dress

Metamorphose temps de fille

Metamorphose temps de fille is one of the top big Lolita labels in Japan. Their website consists of various Lolita styles from traditional Japanese Kimonos to pastel bow dresses.

My current favourite item is this cream and brown book dress from their ‘magical artefact’ range. I love how they mix cuteness and magic to create a whole new look. The colours work really well together, and even though I personally go for lighter colours, the red version of this dress still looks really good! (Ships internationally)

Japanese Lolita fashion rabbit beret


Maxicimam consists of much more of a typical sweet lolita clothes style with pastel dresses and poofy skirts. Although I’m not much for the sweet lolita style I love how they’ve included a mixture of colours in with the style especially with their Chocolate Mint Bear Koti and Mamulin Soap Bubble Series.

I found my next favourite item in their Sorushieru range. I was hard to choose which of their items I liked the most as they were all so cute! But in the end, I decided on the Sweet Beret in brown, as I felt it looked more natural and could be worn with almost anything. The little bunny ears and rabbit tail on the back was too cute to resist.

Japanese Lolita fashion jumper skirt

Royal Princess Alice

Royal Princess Alice uses a more consistent style and includes a lot more unusual items with big patterns and brighter colours. They tend to use a darker theme in their clothing using plenty of purples, blacks and reds to create a slightly gothic lolita vibe with a twist.

The item I’ve chosen as my favourite was from their Twilight Moon range and it is a jumper skirt with a cloudy sky and carousel background. It looked so pretty and the details in the background I felt really made it stand out.

Japanese Lolita fashion sea creatures pastel dress


Milk isn’t as popular a brand as my previous mentions and can be a bit of a hit or miss for me. Milk’s style gives off a simple but sweet vibe as the name can suggest, but after seeing their new sea ​​creatures princess dress I fell in love with it! I really liked how they included a pastel finish but with a sea creature theme pattern to give it character! It’s unusual and pretty at the same time, tied together with a ruffled shoulder neck.

Japanese Lolita fashion pastel moon tights

Red Maria

Red Maria is another under-recognised site in my opinion and includes so many beautiful pieces of clothing. They have a large collection of tights from pastels to checkers to printed laces. They way they include the little details is what makes each one stand out and shine.

For my favourite item I have chosen their cloud tights. They have such a magical feel with the moon, and the gradient really finishes them off. I’m really into that colour of green at the moment so these were definitely a keeper. (Ships internationally through Taobao – here’s a guide for ordering)

More Lolita brands

I’ve also created a huge Japanese Lolita Brands shopping list with some of the other sites I didn’t include. Enjoy!

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