My Crochet Wonders Kawaii Amigurumi Patterns

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If you love to crochet and don’t want to break the bank on your next project, check out the digital patterns from My Crochet Wonders on Etsy. I’ve featured a pattern from this shop before in my Year of the Pig Crafts post, but after taking another look at the other listings, I felt it was worth a full feature. Everything is adorable, but here are my favorites!

kawaii koala bear amigurumi crochet patterns

I absolutely love koalas, so when I saw the koala doll pattern I immediately felt regret for procrastinating with learning how to crochet. The little purse accessory makes this one extra cute in my opinion!

kawaii dog amigurumi crochet patterns

Dog lovers rejoice: there’s also a super cute dog doll pattern too! I love the choice of ear style (dogs with ears that are both pointy and floppy are always so sweet) and the addition of the overalls—just too cute!

kawaii bunny rabbit amigurumi crochet patterns

There are several choices for bunny fans, although my personal favorite of the bunch would be this bunny doll pattern because it has a cute dress, a very stylish pompom scarf, and floppy ears to boot.

kawaii beaver amigurumi crochet patterns

Along the same style lines as the bunny, there is also a beaver doll pattern option. I like the slightly ‘chubby’ look, and that there are several animal choices so you could make a matching collection if you wanted to!

kawaii cat ballerina amigurumi crochet patterns

And of course I couldn’t make this list without mentioning the insanely cute ballerina cat doll pattern! I’m trying to tell myself I shouldn’t buy it until I’ve started my crochet journey, but…on the flip side, if I buy it, then I have to learn. J

Remember to check it the rest of the My Crochet Wonders shop, and comment below with your favorite design!

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