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Detective Pikachu Pokemon Picks

Posted on May 16, 2019 by

Over the weekend my boyfriend and I saw Detective Pikachu. I am not usually an opening weekend type of gal but had to go see this movie after seeing the trailer. I gotta say it was really cute! You do not have to be a Pokemon pro (I am not) to enjoy the story or the characters in the movie. It is made beautifully with lush landscapes and characters that pop on film.

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Here are a few Pokemon picks to get you into the spirit, and look out for more soon!

Detective Pikachu Psyduck Pokemon plush

Build-A-Bear (USA / UK) released two new Pokemon characters that you can build and dress up.

Detective Pikachu Snubbull Pokemon plush

My favorite is Psyduck – a classic – but Snubbull is awfully cute. Both have cameos in the movie!

Pikachu plush

This puffy Pikachu plush at JapanStuffs (Japan) is perfect for squeezing tight! Pika Pika!

Kawaii Pokemon stickers

Sharodactyl (USA) has plenty of cute pins, prints and stickers featuring her pastel take on Pokemon characters that will have you loading up your cart.

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If you are looking for a fun DIY weekend project how about a giant Snorlax dog (in my case cat) bed! Seamstressed has a fun tutorial up using soft and cozy fleece.

Have you seen Detective Pikachu yet?

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