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Hey! It’s me, Panda-san, back from the kawaii wilderness for an anniversary jaunt down memory lane.

If you’re new round here, all those years ago, Marceline aka Bunny-san and I dreamt up the idea for SCK when I lived in Thailand and she came to visit. Maybe it was the heat or one too many lime slushies, but before we knew it, we were back in Scotland, writing and researching kawaii and gosh – 10 years have passed already!

Although I had to quit my kawaii addiction some time ago now,  I still have an eye for cute and as my specialist subject is needlework, I thought I’d let you know about some top thready goodness I’ve seen recently.

Cute Cross Stitch Kits & Patterns - Llama

I was just petting some alpacas the other day, so this cute llama pattern by Studio Inktvis caught my eye. You can buy it as part of a kit, so you have all you need to get going. Based in the Netherlands, they also have some pretty cute pins and stationery too!

Cute Cross Stitch Kits & Patterns - Christmas gnomes

For some reason, gnomes always make me think of Christmas and you know, if you want to be stitching up holiday gifts, now is the time to get started! This super cute gnome couple cross stitch kit by Stomp Creations is also available as a chart that you can download and get stitching straight away.

Cute Cross Stitch - onigiri

Prefer your cross stitch ready-made for you? This super-sweet little onigiri hoop from Creations By JMP would add a touch of classic kawaii to any corner of your home or office. I’m a total sucker for food with a face – how could you not be cheered up seeing this little guy every day?!

Who knew that onions could be so stinkin’ cute?! I love cooking, I love onions, I love cross stitch and I just adore this little guy by Trellis & Thyme. Another instant download chart option, there’s other veggie designs available too, which would make a great set stitched onto napkins or tea towels.

Coffee and donuts are a classic combo and this Sew Cross Perfect Match kit has everything you need to stitch up this sweet little hoop. I really love the colours of this design too – everything about it screams cute! It’s suitable for beginners as well as being a quick project for more experienced stitchers, too.

Satsuma Street is one of my very favourite cross stitch designers and has an array of different pretty little cities, but this Tokyo one has me dreaming of my own kawaii trip one day. For more advanced stitchers, the colours are so perfect and this can be made up into a cute pillow to have handy for when you need to take a nap and daydream about shopping in Japan!

Cute Cross Stitch Kits & Patterns - christmas pudding

Now, it would be remiss of me not to also remind you that Marceline and I also collaborated to bring you our own kawaii cross stitch designs! As well as the happiest Christmas pudding you’ll ever see, there’s the kawaii breakfast set, all paying homage to our shared obsession with food with faces! Get them from us at The Bellwether or Asking For Trouble.

Cute Cross Stitch Kits & Patterns - breakfast food

It’s been fun to be back, and I hope you have enjoyed this little trip down memory lane with me. Join me in wishing Super Cute Kawaii a very happy birthday and a hearty congrats to Marceline for making such a continuing success of the site. Who else is super-excited for her new book next year?!

Happy stitching, kawaii fans!

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    September 7, 2018 at 9:02 pm

    OMG this is the cutest thing ever!!! I must confess I was never a fan of cross stitch but these are amazing and super kawaii!!!! <3 I love it! You're very talented, Claire!


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