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Kawaii Plush Parade

Posted on August 2, 2018 by
kawaii plush

I collect plushies and am always telling myself no more and then end up caving and buying more anyway. Here are some of my latest kawaii plush pal obsessions.

kawaii plush Pusheen lion

I need all of the new Pusheenimals plush charms – especially the panda. Till then I picked up the large size Lion Pusheen and can’t stop petting his fur!

kawaii plush Pusheen zombie

Speaking of Pusheen…I recently discovered this Pusheen Zombie plush at JapanLA and you know I will need to get one for myself!

kawaii plush nomwhal narwhal

This cookies and cream narwhal is super cute and looks yummy enough to lick! It’s an exclusive Tasty Peach Studios design for Hot Topic.

kawaii plush sloth

Super soft and can double as a pillow, this Squishmallows sloth is the perfect buddy to be lazy with.

kawaii plush burrito

Sometimes I get huge burritos and think how comfy they would be to nap on. Thanks to Squishable, now I can take a burrito nap and still have a tasty meal!

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