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More Cute Back To School DIYs

Posted on July 27, 2018 by

If you happen to be one of the many that will already be going back to school starting at the beginning of next month, you may be on the hunt for some cute ways to customize your boring supplies. You’re in luck if that’s the case! I’ve discovered lots of new projects since my DIY round-up post from last year, so if you’re looking for more to try, here are some of my newer favorites.

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Chelsey DIY just recently uploaded a great tutorial on how to make squishy notebooks for school. I love the idea since having a squishy on hand can help out with stress and keeping focus while you’re in class or studying!

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There’s also a Sweetorials tutorial on mini sushi and onigiri booklets that are really cute! They would make really convenient memo pads to temporarily keep track of important dates and short notes during times where you may not want or need to carry your full planner or agenda.

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Pandas are my spirit animals, so I was happy to find that Alexa DIYs & Crafts has a video on how to make 5 different panda-themed supplies. I have plenty of plain notebooks in need of a makeover, so I’ve bookmarked this one for myself—and look at that pen!

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If you like to doodle, Draw So Cute has an easy tutorial on how to draw your own bookmark. This is a really fast and simple way to make yourself multiple bookmarks, and it would be a really cute idea to make a coordinating set with different faces and phrases on them to use in different text books.

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Arte y Salud en Casa has multiple back to school DIY videos that are all worth checking out, but the gumball machine pencil sharpener and the magnetic donut bookmarks she makes in this back to school supply tutorial are among some of my favorite projects from her!

Which project is your favorite? Let us know, and also check out more back to school projects to try in our DIY Crafts section.

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