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Cute 80s Toys Nostalgic Picks

Posted on June 14, 2018 by

It’s my birthday month and I am nostalgic for the toys I grew up with. I was a child in the 80s and let me tell you – we had some fabulous toys! Here are a few things that make me think of my younger years that work for my life right now.

80s Toys Care Bears necklace

This Grumpy Bear necklace from Vinca’s Care Bears collaboration would turn a blue day bright!

Hello Kitty makeup drop

A trip to the mall would not be complete without a stop to Sanrio (aka the Hello Kitty store) for my sister and I. I would totally use this Hello Kitty makeup sponge in my makeup routine!

80s Toys Beetlejuice plush

My favorite movie as a kid was Beetlejuice. I think that movie is what defined who I am as an adult. I love this lil plush version of him from Itty Bittys.

80s Toys Pee Wee Chairry

One of the things that I dreamed of having as a kid was talking furniture. Sadly, I still do not own any but I can dream with this cute Funko Pop Chairry and reminisce about Saturday morning fun.

80s Toys - spirograph

I liked art stuff as a kid and Spirograph was something I could play with for hours! I loved how the designs came together and looked artistic without much effort. This Travel Spirograph (USA / UK) would be great to take to a coffee house and doodle with while enjoying a drink.

Did you grow up in the 80s? If so do you have any favorite toys?

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