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Kawaii Gudetama DIY Crafts

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After featuring a few Gudetama crafts in the post on the Heekkong YouTube channel, I’ve been on the look-out for more options from other great creators. Here are a few of my favorites that I’ve collected so far!

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If you missed it, or don’t subscribe to kawaiisweetworld, she recently posted a Gudetama cake pop how-to that’s both tasty and super cute! What could be more fun than making something that’s also edible? Although they might be too cute to eat…

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For fashion accessories, you can’t get much cuter than the Gudetama backpack by Time to DIY. It requires very few supplies and just basic sewing skills, which is great if you’re just starting out or are on a budget.

Kawaii Gudetama DIY Crafts amigurumi crochet pattern

There are a few cute amigurumi options out there for this character, but the Gudetama pattern from Stuff Susie Made also shows you how to crochet a bacon blanket! There are video clips to help you along through the process as a bonus. If you complete this project and find yourself in need of even more Gudetama amigurumi goodness, she’s also got a cute sunny-side up Gudetama pattern to make.

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Minicuteclub has a cute tutorial on how to make a simple squishy Gudetama phone case. Her voiceovers are in Japanese, but her English subs are easy to understand.

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And for the polymer clay artist, I highly recommend the Gudetama figurine DIY from TheCraftMaiden. The footage is high quality and thorough, with all materials listed in the description. I really love the extra detail of the realistic shell ‘cap’ he’s wearing!

Don’t forget to browse the rest of our DIY Crafts section for Gudetama and other character makes!

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