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New Yummy World Kawaii Food Plushies

Posted on September 28, 2017 by

Yummy World just released a bunch of cute plushies that I must have!

Yummy World curly fries kawaii plush

These curly fries would go well with all of my other fry plushies!

Yummy World pretzel kawaii plush

This pretzel is twisted in cuteness.

Yummy World pineapple kawaii plush

A pineapple you can cuddle without being poked.

Yummy World ravioli kawaii plush

Is it a ravioli or a pillow? This would surely make me dream of my grandma’s big Sicilian feasts!

Yummy World banana kawaii plush

A banana in a masked suit could not get any more sweet! Peek-aboo!

Yummy World apple kawaii plush

No need to see a doctor if you cuddle with this apple plush once a day!

Yummy World gummy worm kawaii plush

Classic candy time – they are creepy and crawly and now cute! Pick up a gummy worm for your nostalgic candy fix.

You can buy all the Yummy World plushies at KidRobot. Do you have a favorite from the new line?

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