Whipple Chocolate Sweets Kit Review

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Not too long after writing my Most Wanted post, I caved and bought the Whipple Chocolate Sweets kit after somehow missing it during my first browse around. If you’re considering ordering one yourself, I’m sharing a review and quick how-to so you know what to expect.

Whipple Chocolate Sweets kit review

The kit comes with everything you need to make the sweets featured on the packaging, including plenty of Whipple cream, and the findings for any accessories. All you have to do is bring your creativity!

Whipple Chocolate Sweets kit review

There are also handy instructions with clear images on the front and back to illustrate how to properly hold the cream bag, how to create the different piping effects, and which piping techniques to use should you wish to make them identical to the model creations.

Whipple Chocolate Sweets kit review

Truly the only downside of these kits is the cream always comes out of the box separated. All you have to do is squish and knead it until it’s visibly opaque again. It can be easy to become impatient with this step, but I can’t overstate how important it is. If you begin piping with it before it’s completely mixed, it’ll come out a goopy, liquid mess! After kneading the bag thoroughly, take something with a flat edge (like a credit card) and push all the cream towards the tip. Screw on the piping tip, and you’re ready to start piping!

Whipple Chocolate Sweets kit review

There is no right or wrong way to start or make the pieces, so I just began with the cake slice. You get more cream than you need for the pieces, so I suggest practicing the piping techniques a little on some scrap paper if you’re new or rusty with it.

Whipple Chocolate Sweets kit review

The swirl technique is always my favorite to do! After I finished the cake slice, I got impatient and decided to do the bear cake next, even though I’d initially thought I’d save it for last.

Whipple Chocolate Sweets kit review

This piece is the most time-consuming, but also the simplest as it is solely piping stars over and over until the cake is covered, and then placing the face and ears. This is my favorite sweet of the kit for how cute it turned out!

Whipple Chocolate Sweets kit review

And here are all the finished products! The heart shaped cake doubles as a tiny trinket box, and both the findings and charm are included to turn the macaron into a keychain, as I’ve done here. Overall, while I’ve made and enjoyed other kits in the past, this one is definitely my favorite so far!

Whipple Chocolate Sweets kit review

If you’re interested in purchasing Whipple kits, you can find some on Amazon Japan and Hobby Link Japan.

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  1. Sonja_R avatar

    Not sure I could really eat this… It just looks so cute!><

  2. Anne in NC avatar
    Anne in NC

    I don’t think it’s edible?

  3. 🌸Em Toki🐰 avatar
    🌸Em Toki🐰

    Is it really edible? Most whipple kits aren’t. But they do look so delicious..!😂

  4. Marceline avatar

    Just to confirm, these are not edible! Andi does mention that one is a trinket box and another is a keychain :)

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