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I’m Amy, a graphic artist/designer and owner of Cakes with Faces, a brand of cute and colourful t-shirts and gifts. My channel Cakes with Faces on YouTube is all about Japan, with tips and advice for planning your trip, and vlogs from Tokyo, Kyoto and Hiroshima. Lots of people ask me about travelling to Tokyo, so I make videos to share my experiences, and I really hope you find them useful and interesting! Here’s a selection of my videos about Tokyo and there’s lots more on YouTube with new Japan videos every week – subscribe to catch them!

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Japan’s one of my favourite places in the world and a big inspiration for my designs. As many times as I go there, there’s always more I want to go back and see! I love the kawaii design style, Harajuku fashion, Japanese food (even though I’m vegetarian which is often difficult!), collecting anime figures and learning the language.

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Shopping in Harajuku

Cute and colourful shops in Harajuku! Exploring Takeshita Street, the Harajuku backstreets, brand shops in Laforet department store and more. So much kawaii fashion and cute things – it’s the best place to go shopping!

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How Expensive is Harajuku?

A walk around Harajuku to show you how much cute clothes cost in Takeshita Street and the Harajuku backstreets. While there are pricey brand shops, cute fashion might not be as expensive as you think!

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Genki Sushi

Genki Sushi is a popular conveyor belt sushi restaurant in Shibuya. You order on a touchscreen and the sushi zooms to your place on a train – a twist on the usual kaiten sushi style. While it’s not high class restaurant quality sushi, it’s a fun place to eat in Tokyo, cheap and has a great selection of fish and vegetarian options.

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Shibamata is an area on the outskirts of Tokyo, with an older feel. You can try lots of Japanese street food and snacks like dango and senbei rice crackers, see beautiful older houses and architecture, visit traditional temples and explore a river and floodplain, just like a setting from an anime!

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Ikebukuro and Otome Road

Fun in the arcades in Ikebukuro, with cute gachapon and UFO catchers, as well as the Pokemon Centre in Sunshine City, and Otome Road, which is a smaller version of Akihabara with anime shops aimed at female otaku.

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Planning a Trip to Tokyo

My tips and practical advice for planning your holiday to Tokyo, including when to go, how long to go for, where to stay, taking a tour versus travelling independently, how to get around the city and how much cash to take.

This is a guest post from Amy of Cakes with Faces. Make sure to check out the Cakes with Faces YouTube channel for more Japan videos.

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  1. Zeta Martin avatar
    Zeta Martin

    Perfect timing! In two years I’m heading over to Japan as well and I’m currently taking classes for the language from an app called Mondly >.<
    Dead nervous but yes! I subbed to the mailing list so I could read and see the pictures people who have been to Japan posted! :D
    I especially want to visit Akihabara, the so called Otaku capital and get my daily dose of Anime overload!!! Yes, we share the same passion too – LOVING JAPAN!!
    It'll also be my first time out of New Zealand so it's extra exciting for me…I can finally be the one bragging about my discoveries instead of my friends. <3

    1. Marceline avatar

      That’s great! Make sure to check out our Visiting Japan category for more ideas and tips: http://www.supercutekawaii.com/category/visiting-japan/

      I also have tons of ideas and links on my own blog:

  2. Kess avatar

    Awesome post I loved the video on planning to go to Tokyo, I also want to go there and check out the anime expos.

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