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Tacos vs Pizza

Posted on June 9, 2016 by

I love tacos! I love pizza! If they battled it out, who would win?


This huge Yummy World taco plushy at Kidrobot is beggin’ to be hugged.

betsey johnson

Betsey Johnson‘s taco clutch is perfect for going to go pick up some tacos. Look at the cute hot sauce zipper pull.


Tacos + cats! Yes please! This pin by Nate Duval merges my love of felines and tacos together.


After eating one to many slices you might need a nap. Cuddle with this cute pizza pillow by Plusheez.

hot topic

Make a splash at the next pool party you attend and have mouths watering with this pool float at Hot Topic.

pizza erasers

Pizza is never a mistake but these lil pizza erasers from Oriental Trading will get rid of any you make on your papers.

So who do you think wins? Are you team taco or team pizza? In the end they are both winners for me, life would be bland without either of them.

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