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Japan Candy Box Review

Posted on July 29, 2015 by
japan candy box review

You’ve probably heard that the folks behind Blippo and Kawaii Box have a new subscription box that’s packed full of cute candy. Japan Candy Box has been running for a few months now sending out boxes of cute hand-picked Japanese treats. I received the June box to review.

japan candy box

As always, everything arrived in great condition, with lots of treats crammed into the letterbox sized box. There were ten items in my box, which always includes a mix of chocolate, biscuits, gummies, gum and DIY kits.

japan candy box

You get a flyer listing the contents so no problems if you can’t read Japanese. The only issue would be if you have any allergies, but most of these are big Japanese brands so you should be able to google and find out the ingredients.

koala march

I immediately opened the Koala’s March biscuits. I haven’t had them for ages and they seem to be even cuter now – look at those faces! Inside they’re filed with chocolate cream and it’s far too easy to eat them all.

japan candy box

Here’s a few more favourites. Everyone loves Puccho and these are all different fruit flavours. The fish gummies show you the stages of growth from egg to fish so educational as well as yummy (thankfully they taste of fruit, not fish!). My Pikachu pretzel sticks got a little crushed in transit but they still taste good and we never get anything grape flavoured in the UK so I was happy with this bubble gum, which tastes a lot like the Fanta Grape that I always drink in Japan. The kit looks really fun too and I will do another post about that when I have some more time.


The Japan Candy Box starts at $19.90 for one month with free shipping worldwide and discounts and extras if you book a longer subscription. You get a great selection of snacks and plenty to last you for a few weeks, if you can stop yourself from scoffing the lot at once. You can order one online now and see what was in the previous boxes too.

(Japan Candy Box was provided for review but all words and photos are my own, except for the final promo image)

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