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Kawaii Pillows at Zazzle

Posted on February 21st 2012 by in Home Cute Home

Cute pink bunny with kawaii strawberries throwpillow

Zazzle have just added pillows to their range so now you can fill your home with kawaii cushions! There are loads of cute designs already so I thought I’d some of my favourites. Above is just one of many adorable designs from Cute_Kawaii_Pillows.

Cute Chocolate Milk throwpillow

Or how about some cute chocolate milk by LizaPhoenix.

N1ki's Kawaii Happy Panda Head White throwpillow

There’s lots for animal lovers too, like this cute panda by n1kishop.

Kawaii Pancake Pillow throwpillow

And, since it’s Pancake Day, here’s one of mine. Do you have any kawaii pillows at home?

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3 Responses to Kawaii Pillows at Zazzle

  1. Rose

    LOVE these pillows! I can’t believe you guys don’t get more comments on this site.

  2. Sanna

    I have some cute pillows from this shop:
    I love them so much! <3

  3. Kawaii l♥ver

    Those are soo cool!!!! I ♥ this website!!


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