Back from Japan

for Super Cute Kawaii

Sorry for the late post today!  I’m busy getting photos taken of all the cool stuff I bought in Japan for the SCK shop! If you keep an eye on the shop later today, you’ll be able to buy all that cuteness shown above. Well, except for a few things, which we’re keeping back for a giveaway! Yes, you could be the person lucky enough to win a Petit Cheese KitKat amongst other wonders. Mmm. Watch this space.

UPDATE: most stuff is in the shop now with a few more things to add later in the week. We only have a couple of most things so get in quick!

I’m still a bit jetlagged but expect some Japan posts soon – in the meantime, you can have a look at all my Japan photos if you like. I had a lot of fun and went to some awesome shops, including Hello Kitty’s Kawaii Paradise which was mental.

Hello Kitty's Kawaii Paradise

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3 Responses to Back from Japan

  1. missmuffcake

    I can’t wait till you put the new stuff up!

  2. penny

    Wow what a lovely haul you’ve brought home. Bet you will have fun with it all.

  3. Leah

    This cheese KitKat sounds very interesting… chocolate and cheese could be a good thing.
    and I <3 that giant HK mosaic!

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