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Finestimaginary’s Kawaii Favourites

Posted on August 25, 2010 by

Hi, I’m Kim from FinestImaginary. I’ve been designing and making jewellery & accessories for my brand for the past few years, and I love to craft when I get a chance. I’ve chosen some of my favourite things and I hope you like them too!

I love making lists, so how could I resist this kitty notepad from Gemma Correll? I have a serious addiction to anything with a cat on it, this is just perfect!

I’m sure my kitties would disagree with me, but I think they’d look amazing in these crocheted creations by xmoonbloom. Fancy having a go making one yourself? No worries, this seller also has the patterns for all their pet hats available to purchase in their store!

This cute blushing panda eyemask from Sick For Cute is so adorable, have you checked out Sick For Cute yet? There are some super cute items over there (including some FinestImaginary things!).

The amazing felted bird creations of feltmeupdesigns never fail to make me smile, it’s just so hard to choose which one I like best!

And finally, how about these cute recipe cards by boygirlparty? Never again will you have to scribble down a made-up recipe on a scrap of paper and stuff it in your Delia cookbook, nope, now you can archive your recipes in style!

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