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Out Of The Frame’s Kawaii Favourites

Posted on July 21, 2010 by

Hi! I’m Rowan from Out Of The Frame. I’m an English girl living and working in Bosnia and Herzegovina making and designing amigurumi since March 2009. I make one of a kind dolls each with their own story. They usually come with some accessories which form part of the story. I start by picking a colour combination that I like and then let the character evolve from there. Here’s my picks.

I am a bright colours person. I have been told that it is my brightly coloured clothes that mark me out as a foreigner here in Bosnia and Herzegovina where I live! I love how talkproof uses blocks of bright colours to make her plushies. They are so simple yet so cute. The colours on this one are awesome and he has that look on his face that says ‘take me home with you!’

FantasticToys is one of my favourite shops on Etsy with a great blog too. Everything he makes is amazingly cute – but this shy looking Sewing Machine is my current favourite.

I used to run a youth centre on a double-decker London bus so I have a soft spot for them anyway but this one is made even cuter by the addition of the Paul Frank Monkey and his friends and is available from Chicki.

My sister in law collects Momiji dolls. We don’t live in the same country anymore and I miss her. I think this cute little keyring is just what I need to carry with me everyday to remind me of her!


Since discovering Spoonflower, I really want to learn how to make clothes. There are so many amazing patterns to choose from. This one by Christinopia would make a lovely, cute and happy summer dress. Click here to see the pattern.

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