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Guest Picks: Bee Franck

Posted on June 2, 2010 by

Bonjour, mes amis! Tis I, Le Bun, ‘ere with another of le pickings de guest!

Ah, it has been a busy time chez Le Bun – Madame Le Bun is asking me all ze time ze questions for her project nouveau. I am only une petite bun, zere is not enough of Le Bun to be in all ze places at once!

Mais I have ze tres belle Bee Franck here ajourd’hui to be picking le cute. Let us get straight to ze cute. Allons-y!

I love Cate Anevski’s style. She paints, draws, and occasionally transfers her visions onto fabric. Red Heart is one of my favorite of her original works. If you’d rather stitch something yourself, she sells equally adorable patterns in her etsy store – kitties, anyone?

The Tiny Bazaar etsy store has lots of adorable things to offer, including these fanciful fruit embroidery patterns. They have a few things to say as well – if anyone can translate, I’d love to know what it is!

Could there be a cuter cross stitch pattern than this hamster from andwabisabi? Maybe. There are so many kawaii patterns in that store, I had a hard time narrowing down my pick to this chubbykins!

The Mr X Stitch store recently made a cute addition to our offerings. Ladysnail, known for vast imagination and multiple pages of doodles, was kind enough to create a series of patterns for us! Hurrah! I love them all, but the Robotingtons have to be my favorite.

Hopefully all of this cute stitchy stuff has you itching to stitch yourself! If you need some supplies, Jenn Maruska makes lovely needlebooks, pincushions, and matching sewing sets like this one.


Bridget Franckowiak, aka beefranck is a snarky stitcher. She writes about cross stitch and embroidery at Mr X Stitch where she curates Too Cute Tuesdays, a celebration of super cute in stitches. You can see her work  here and buy her patterns here.

Merci beacoup, ma belle Bridget! Vous etes une stitcher fabuleux! Maintenant, Le Bun must be returning to le board room avec Madame – une tres demanding bunlette! A bientot, mes amis!

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