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Bonjour! C’est moi, Jen of Jempins, back for seconds with my guest picks, this time with a Red Riding Hood theme.

I can’t claim that Little Red Riding Hood was my favourite favourite fairy tale as a child, or even my favourite book (that was The Enormous Turnip for some reason), but I did enjoy the story, especially the versions where the woodsman cut open the wolf’s stomach and grandma came tumbling out. Now that I’m a (ahem) grownup though I love the iconography of Red Riding Hood, and I’m not alone, there’s loads of super cute Red Riding Hood goodies catching my eye recently.

I did totally love Ladybird books when I was little (who didn’t?), so first up is this print of the cover of the vintage Red Riding Hood book. I don’t know if it’s necessarily kawaii, but it’s definitely nostalgic cute for me.

Although, if I’m choosing prints it’s going to be a tough call between that and this one from The Poppy Tree on Etsy.  It’s so cute, I love the trees and Grandma’s House running round the edge of the picture, and the sneaky wolf is another little girl!

One of my recent, as yet unsatisfied obsessions is rubber stamps. I really don’t know what attracts me to them, because I never use them, but I covet many. So my next pick is this set from Craft Pudding, also on Etsy.  My favourite is the wolf, he looks smug yet charismatic don’t you think?

Next up is this Fairy Land letter set from Kaimo on Artbox.  I’ve had a long term love affair with stationery, especially letter sets and this one has my head quite turned.

I really feel like any list of kawaii Red Riding Hood items would not be complete without a little Ottogicco, so my final pick is this ridiculously gorgeous lunch box from Cute Like Cherries.  My lunches would be dramatically enhanced I think if I was able to transport them in such a cute fashion.

And that’s them all!  I hope they meet with your approval and I pass my Kawaii Exams. Kisses! Jen

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