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Custom Made’s Kawaii Favourites

Posted on December 23, 2009 by

Hi, my name is Anna Butler and I run the company Custom Made. We love all things cute at Custom Made and spend far to much time combing the internet to find lovely things- so here are some bits and bobs that I love!

I am pretty much in love with APAK goodies and the Felted Rainbow Children are about as cute as it gets! You should also take a look at their prints they are awesome.

Lauren Gregg is an illustrator and her prints are amazing. I am particularly in love with the Comic Book Geek, a very cute raccoon!

I bought one of these Heidi Kenney Yummy World plushies from Kid Robot in L.A in the Autumn and was dying to get one!!! It was virtually my first store stop on arrival! I LOVE it!!!!

I love cute vinyl toys and these are the cutest! Lets Hang Zipper pulls by Aaron Meshon at Kidrobot. They are blind boxes so you don’t know what you are going to get but I got the lovely little ice cream cone with two heads. Love it. There is also a little log with legs and a face. Cute.


I am a total sucker for Gemma Correll’s cats. I love this print ‘Cat Mart’ I love the expression on the cats faces. I would love to go to a cat mart and fill a trolley with cute kittens!

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