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Recently we held a competition to be a guest picker for Super Cute Kawaii. Our winner is Sharon so let’s see her picks!

Well hello everyone, I am ever so pleased to be guesting on this esteemed website! I hope you enjoy my kawaii choices – I just moved into a wee apaato of my own and I’ve been scouring the interweb for things to make it more CUTE. Oh, and please forgive my bento bias- it is my raison d’etre after all, as I blog my lunch life over at VeggieBento!


My first pick is this adorable pillowcase from Etsy seller specificflavour – it’s cute, simple, functional and even a wee bit rude! Specificflavour is based in London, where I holidayed recently. While in the big smoke I popped into the Artbox store with the thought of outfitting my living room in a hyper-kawaii manner, and only made it out with my credit rating intact due to my grumpy boyfriend NOT ENJOYING THE CUTE. Pah.


I almost bought these Hello Kitty silicone baking pans from Artbox too- he’ll be sorry when he doesn’t get any cake!


On the subject of cute cooking, I am dying to get my hands on this mini panda frying pan from Fred Flare. Just think of the cute little pancakes I could make! And as doing the dishes is one of my pet hates, he will surely make washing up more fun!


I have a massive bento box/accessory addiction. When I lived in Japan I used to sell them online to fuel my habit, and I shipped a boxful home. Thanks to the internet though, I can still blow my budget on hideously cute picks and teensy weensy items of cutlery like this panda spoon & case from Tokyo Jazz Panda.


And continuing with the panda theme (well, when in such good company, why not?!) I bring you my next bento purchase- the utterly ridiculous pink-panda-heart bento. It makes me happy. Available from happyjapan, it’s so wackily cute it makes you feel like you’re tripping – beats boring Tupperware any day!

I know that this has been a lot of panda related cuteness to take in, so I implore our readers to go and make a cup of tea, then have a biscuit before attempting to log on to any of the aforementioned sites- cute overload can and does happen, people! I don’t want to be responsible for any fainting fits!

Enjoy! Sharon (^_^)

Updated 2020: many of these shops are now closed – go shopping at The Best Kawaii Shops Worldwide instead.

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  1. nadia cupcake avatar

    i have those cake pans! they work really well too!

  2. Canndy avatar

    awww….i love these panda stuff

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