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Hannah Zakari’s Kawaii Favourites

Posted on September 30, 2009 by

Hello, I’m Rachael from online indie boutique Hannah Zakari.

Hannah Zakari

When I’m not hard at work, I can often be found going ‘eeeee!’ at random cute things on the internet so I was extremely happy to be asked to do some picks for my favourite kawaii blog.


I’ve been slightly obsessed with Moon Buns ever since I found them earlier this year. I somehow managed to narrow my choice down to the ‘Great Artist’ Series and I think my favourite has to be Vincent Van Gogh. Just look at his bloody ear, somehow it is made cute! And I love his little red beard, so sweet!

scatterbox originals

I do like a nice brooch, and think the cameo pins by Scatterbox Originals are probably the cutest I ever did see. I love how each character is given its own personality, and particularly relate to the shy Blush Bear with her rosy cheeks!


Remember how I said I can often be found going ‘eeeee!’ at random cute things? Well APAK are the reason approximately 82% of the time. It’s hard to choose a favourite artwork of theirs, but I went for this one because it has a panda and a cake in it.

hannah zakari

I wasn’t sure if it was cheating to include something from my own shop, but then this is genuinely one of my all time favourite kawaii pieces so I thought I’d do it anyway. How can you not love this little bunny vase?

from japan with love

Finally, I wanted to give a special mention to my latest Japanese obsession which is Mameshiba, kawaii half dog / half beans who tell us useless information in an adorable fashion! There are lots of animations on You Tube and as with most things Japanese, a line of merchandise is available at From Japan With Love.

I hope you have enjoyed my cute picks, Rachael x

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  • Reply
    September 30, 2009 at 2:39 pm

    Fantastic Links! Now I have more things to go ‘Eeeee!’ over too! yay! Arigatou!

  • Reply
    October 1, 2009 at 4:27 am

    Great picks – isn’t it something how such unusual things will seem to speak to you – often unexpected too. I love strolling thru the web finding all kinds of ultra adorable things too. Thanks for sharing!

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