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My name is Katy and I am the creative force behind Girl Industries, a crafty enterprise I began in 2007.  I like to make discarded items into craft supplies, which then become new and useful things.  I also blog about my crafty life, things I find on the internet and in real life. I love to travel, to read, to knit and I also have a thing about trees…

girl industries

Green and brown are my favourite colours, so generally any combination of the two in any object works for me, but trees are a great demonstration of how green and brown make a great team.  Also, I struggled to find any kawaii factories, oil refineries or machinery, which are my usual favourite objects.


I love Corrabelle‘s stamps and would love to add this Mayberry Sparrow 2 x part tree stamp to my growing collection.  There’s something very satisfying about a little two-step production line style process, and the best thing about stamps is, they transform the plain into the fabulous without the use of rhinestones or glitter.  The easiest way to make new stuff out of old stuff!

graphic spaces

I like to think about these as tattoos for your walls.  But the temporary kind, of course!  For about four years after I moved into my current flat, I left the walls bare because I agonised over putting the right thing in the wrong place.  And what could be cuter than a lovely gender neutral Tree wall decal by Graphic Spaces on my green bedroom walls!  And if a plain tree isn’t quite enough for you, you can get the same thing but with added forest friends to go in the tree.  Adorable!

lucky roni

I don’t have pierced ears, but if I did, I’d be buying up a whole heap of these babies!  I think these would make fantastic magnets, or paperclips of some description.  I can’t help it, I just love stationery. I do, however, send lots of cards and letters, so I’m coveting this owl design from Lucky Roni.  She reproduces this design on notecards and on keychains, too, making a lovely little gift to slip in to your package.  I usually send sweeties for friends to munch on as they read, but a keychain would make a lovely little gift!  I usually don’t get that whole ‘craft owl’ thing, but throw in a tree, and something about it seems to work for me.

hi tree

HiTree has been one of my favourite sellers on Etsy for quite some time.  I love her chunky, smooshy looking trees, particularly the exotic looking ones like the Sequoia.  For my first HiTree purchase I’d have to stick to my roots (boom boom!) – it would have to be the Oak Tree!

pearson maron

Oh, okay, I did find a kawaii factory at PearsonMaron.  In fact, I like it so much, I’ve added it to my wedding list!  I hope you enjoyed my kawaii finds, and thank you for featuring me.

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