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Dropstitch’s Kawaii Favourites

Posted on May 20, 2009 by

Hello. I’m Laura and you would normally find me over at my own blog, dropstitch.  I’m not sure that I’m qualified to pick cute things but I am delighted to have been asked and will give it my best shot.  Here goes…


Never sure what really counts as kawaii, I knew for sure that this little needle felted girl from Asherjasper on Etsy would at least satisfy the supercute requirement.  I am dying to try needle felting (I’m sure it’s worth the blisters really) and am even more inspired to give it a shot since finding out that this doll’s maker only started needle felting a few months ago!  Yowser!


Won’t somebody buy me this little apple tree necklace by Pipapiep?  I love it, and not only because it reminds me of my own little logo.  Hee!  Not quite cute enough?  Go and visit her woolly wonderlands on flickr as well.


Jasper, Jasper, Jasper…  Want to go hillwalking together? I love The Pinpals.  I have some of their paper puppets but one day I hope to have a cross stitched badge too.  Berets, pom poms and buttons a go go!  And acorns and balloons and little houses and kittens in party hats…


Why have a real camera when you could have this teeny beauty by Hine instead?  Who cares that it serves no real purpose?  Sigh…  Everything this lady touches turns into cute, you know.  Visit her flickr, too, to see a giant squid doing the ironing and a tiny ant playing a drum.  Eep!  If that’s still not enough, would you believe she also does stop-motion animation?  No, really…


Ahoy there, Cap’n Cute!  A kitten with an anchor on his hat shouting, “Ahoy!” from the HMS Teacup floating on a turquoise sea…  Gemma Correll has lots of cute goodies in her Etsy shop but this one surely can’t be topped!

Picking five cute items has been much easier than I expected, and fun too!  Toot toot for cute!

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    May 21, 2009 at 1:07 pm

    A score for your cute picks Laura!!!!

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