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TokyoBunnie’s Kawaii Favourites

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Hello Everyone! This is Courtney from Bored Inc. and the TokyoBunnie blog. I am an artist living in Los Angeles creating cute apparel and accessories that I hope will make you smile! My TokyoBunnie blog is dedicated to promoting artists, handmade & indie items, and anything that’s cute!

Bored Inc.

I am super excited to be picking out some of my most favorite kawaii items to share with you! I think the things we surround ourselves with should be happy and inspiring, and it’s important to support artists, designers, and small businesses! That said, here’s my picks!

pepe and friends

Pepe and Friends tableware is designed by Camilla Prada, and each piece has so much charm and personality! I’ve slowly been collecting the whole set, and I just adore each and every piece. I really love when everyday household objects get a re-do into something cute, original and still functional!


I picked up the whole set of these birthday cards this weekend and then decided that they are too cute to give away. I am a huge Tado fan, so I was instantly smitten with these cards… they might be headed for framing instead of getting handed out for birthdays!


I have a bit of a vinyl toy collecting obsession, but no matter how many toys I collect, Bubi Au Yeung‘s character Treeson will always be my favorite. He’s simple but adorable, and whenever I pass by him I feel like he is reaching up to give me a great big hug! This Treeson Birthday Box Set includes 2 Treesons and is limited to only 999 pieces.


This is a new tee at Poketo (they always release amazing artist designed products) featuring a design by one of my favorite illustrators, Silvia Portella from Berlin. I want to take a ride in the bunny hot air balloon!

64 colors

64 colors is an amazing art duo and they put out some seriously cute prints. ‘Drip’ is one of their most recent, and it’s a limited editionof only 50 pieces.

I hope you like my picks! XOXO!

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