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Ismoyo’s Kawaii Favourites

Posted on April 8, 2009 by

Hello, this is ismoyo from ismoyo’s playground. J’adore Monsieur Le Bun and i’m very honoured to be a guest picker at Super Cute Kawaii. When I see something that isn’t cute, all I can think is why not? Why can’t we cuteify the world? I am happy to share some of my current favorite cute items out there.


What I love even more than all things cute, are things vintage and cute. The perfect necklace to express this with is waiting in CuteAbility‘s Shop.


Staying on decorating yourself, another necklace that I adore. This little deer comes from KungFuCowgirl and if nobody is picking it up, I will get it myself!


I already loved the felt creations by EnnaDesign Shop especially these sweet looking deers. Now she gives us colorful Matryoshka Doll and Cottage sets!


With the Easter bunny on its way I can’t leave without a sprinkle of Easter lovelyness. LuvlyGurumi’s crochet bunnies are too adorable for words. I just want to cuddle! And if you want to make your own, she also sells the patterns to these cuties!


Cuteness is so often found in simplicity. How perfect would these eggheads by Pulp Designs be on the easter table? I suddenly remember I need to add a carton of eggs to my shopping list. Wooden eggs please!

Well, it was my pleasure to share these finds with you. 

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