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Sock Monkey Tastic

Posted on January 7, 2009 by

It’s a well known fact round Kawaii Towers that Panda san was almost certainly a monkey in a previous life, such is her love of the banana-eating beasts.  The only thing better than a real monkey is of course a sock monkey. Here’s a few of my favourites.

If you’ve no room to swing a cat, let alone a stuffed monkey, then why not start with a baby one? These cute tiny monkeys are by LA-based Sock Safari. This little guy’s called Charlie. I love his specs!

Or perhaps you prefer to wear your monkey affiliation on your sleeve (ok, chest)? Skullduggery over on Folksy can sort you out there. I wish I worked at the Ministry of Monkeys. I’d be Head of Bananas or something.

Perhaps you already have a sock monkey family but they’re hankering for an addition. Clare Monroe has just the thing – an itty bitty sock monkey kit. I almost wept with sheer delight at this photo!

These postcards are fantastic – nothing would induce me to wear a ridiculour hairstyle more than a sock monkey with strange glasses on. NOTHING. And you get 4 postcards for just 5 bucks! From Planet Monkey on Etsy.

And lastly, there can be no post without the undisputed king of sock monkeys… Sian is quite possibly the nimblest fingered lady in all of Britain. The detail on these monkeys is quite amazing. It actually makes me weep with joy how fantastic these are (and it takes a lot for a panda to cry, my kind have faced a lot of injustice). I just got a Siansburys 2009 diary today which has a different sock monkey each week, including one BAKING A PIE. If you’ve not already clicked on over to Siansburys Etsy shop, you’re a fool. It is a little empty just now but I’m sure it will be filled with amazing monkeys very soon (let the poor gal get her breath back after Christmas!).

Updated 2020: These shops no longer exist but you can find handmade sock monkeys and kits on Etsy.

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