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Posted on January 27th 2009 by in Let's Go Shopping!

We’ve been neglecting DaWanda, which is a crime as it’s full of kawaii! Come on over and support our cute-loving European friends! Here’s a few cute things I spotted.


Kawaii! These sweet postcards are hand-stamped by SiebenMorgen with a matching envelope so you can send it to a friend. As if you could part with it!


Pinkrain has lots of cute perler bead accessories but you gotta pick the onigiri. So much cuteness from so few beads!


I’m sure you’ve seen CraftPudding‘s lovely hand-carved stamps before but they’re always a treat. What a cute little fawn!


This cutie here is Puddin’ Chan. According to his maker, KittyDarknessDesigns, he loves chocolate and jiggles when he laughs! He’s a brooch so he can bring you joy wherever you go.


Aaaaand, um. I’m not sure I have the words to describe the amazingness of this shop. It’s called My Meerkat and literally every one of their many products feature meerkats! The product shots are awesome too. Do check it out!

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