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Aahhh! Robots!

Posted on December 11, 2008 by

When the robots come to take over the world, Bunny-san and I will be at the front of the queue, bowing down to obey their command, such is our love for their clanking cuteness.  Here are some that you could make do with until the overlords arrive.

These robot cameras are quite fandangled!  They take 3 images at once and make some very interesting shots.  Find them on Ebay.

This keychain is made from an original drawing and mounted on felt to add a stylish robotic-ness to your keys.  Is that even a word?  It doesn’t matter, it’s still rather stylish.  Available on Folksy from Sleep Dream Play.

If you’ve got a spare 80 dollars hanging round, why not treat yourself to some robot shoes?!  Available from Etsy seller HamBotDesign.

This is what the robot revolution will look like – robots of all colours and sizes coming straight at you.  Get in training now with this t-shirt by Etsy seller Rainbowswirlz.

Where do robots go when they die?  I have no idea but I do love this print.  Available from Etsy seller starseeker59.

Just remember – we warned you first!

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