Christmas Etsy Picks

Christmas Is Coming

Posted on October 30, 2008 by

Whether you like it or not!  It’s slowly permeating the consciousness now and these items are standing out from the pack as being cute essentials for the festive season!

This box is stuffed full of handmade Crimble decorations – so cute!  Available from Seiyaleo on Etsy.

You could make just about anything in this fabric and you would weep with the cuteness of it! Perfect for stockings or some Christmas cushions?  Available from Etsy from Matatabi.

This sleepy owl by Cuore comes with a personality all of it’s own!  Choose from this one, Susie, Stewart, Chewy … there’s a whole family!

More owls! This time in the form of gift tags. They’re so adorable and available at Purplefresh’s Etsy shop.

There’s plenty more Christmas kawaii coming in the next month or two, so stay tuned! And remember, you can submit you own kawaiiness – just use the links to get in touch.

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