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You might be wondering why the site suddenly looks very different! While I did say on Wednesday that I would be redesigning the website soon, I did not mean immediately. Our ancient theme became incompatible after routine server upgrades so I was forced to improvise*

Super Cute Kawaii website

This is not the final design but I’ve done enough that the website works and you can view everything mostly as normal. I’ll be making minor changes over the next few days and then bigger ones over the next month or two. There are some issues but they’re preferable to not having the website live at all.

Apologies for any inconvenience or weirdness when using the site, especially on mobile, as I haven’t been able to test and check everything thoroughly. If you spot any big issues or there’s features missing that you normally use, leave a comment and I’ll make sure it’s on the list to fix.

*Have I been up since 6am working on this instead of having my first day out in a month? Sadly, yes.

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  1. Jaqueline avatar

    Even though it was an unexpected change, I think it looks more modern this way! You guys did a really good job!

    1. Marceline avatar

      Thank you so much. I agree it looks better – I just would have liked a lot more time to work on it before putting it live!

  2. Renee V. avatar
    Renee V.

    So glad that the site’s back up and running! Looks good!

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