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Easy Kawaii Plush DIYs For Beginners

Posted on March 15, 2024 by

If you love crafts and collecting plushies, why not have a go at making your own? These tutorials and patterns are all easy enough for beginners and can be sewn by hand without a sewing machine.

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Sock plush are a great place to start as you don’t need to buy any special fabric and they’re usually very simple to make. Maqaroon has loads of kawaii sock plush DIYs in the archives and she’s still adding more. These Warawara (from Ghibli’s The Boy and the Heron) are too cute and I really want to make one. There’s also a sewing tips video to help you get started.

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These baby chick and rooster sock plush from Joanna’s CraftChannel are very round and cute – and perfect for Easter.

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NataliDoma DIY has a lot of sock plush DIYs but how about making a cute bunny from a glove? One to remember next time you”ve lost one of a pair!

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Chelsey DIY always has easy and cute DIY ideas including lots of kawaii plushies, but this squishy plushie is extra fun! It’s made of memory foam so you can use it for a bit of stress relief as well as hugs.

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I really love the style of these frog doll plushies by handmade life from real, especially the blushy cheeks. The pattern template isn’t free but it’s only a few dollars to download.

free kawaii plush sewing patterns for beginners

If you love the Squishmallows style of plush, Choly Knight of Sew Desu Ne? has a Free Sewing Guide that has patterns and step by step instructions and tips for making 8 different animals in 4 different ways. By the end you should have all the skills you need to try some of her free or paid sewing patterns which include lots of popular kawaii and anime characters.

animal plush sewing patterns

TeacupLion has lots of adorable animal sewing patterns that are easy enough for beginners. The digital patterns are very affordable and there’s lots of bundles to save even more.

If you’re still not sure, have a look at some of our previous posts trying out a Chebeto Mini Cthulhu Plush Sewing Kit or a Noodoll DIY Plush Kit. If I make a warawara sock plush I’ll make sure to blog about it.

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