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Pusheen Fruits Plush

Posted on February 2, 2024 by

I’m having a bit of a week so let’s all enjoy the new Pusheen Fruits collection with big, small and scented plushies to love.

Pusheen plush fruits

Pusheen surprise plush releases are a lot less frequent but they’re definitely worth the wait. We probably say this every time but this has to be the cutest theme yet! I need that Pusheen banana and I love the rest enough to have a few goes when I get the chance to try my luck (UK shops, please stock some before my birthday next month!)

Pusheen plush fruits

There’s also some larger size versions which look very squishy and squeezable and are even fruit-scented. Pineapple Pusheen made me laugh out loud when I first saw it.

You can buy all these now at The Pusheen Shop (US) along with a very cute and exclusive t-shirt. If you’re outside the US, the plush should be available from stockists worldwide soon – check our shopping guide.

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