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Handmade Kawaii Art & Craft Accessories & Tools

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While it definitely makes sense to pick up cheap supplies and tools when you’re learning a new craft, once you know you love it and become more experienced, it’s nice to invest in something better. These cute tools and accessories for painters, crocheters, knitters and stitchers are all handmade by Etsy sellers and will make your creative time even more enjoyable.

handmade kawaii paint palettes

I could have written a whole post about the incredible ceramics at Tramai Ceramics (EU) and I insist you click through and have a look. They have an adorable range of ceramic animals for painters, calligraphers and stitchers with palettes (complete with water bowl lids), brush rests, ink wells, pincushions and more. This turtle palette set has stolen my heart but I also love the bumblebee and dragon.

handmade kawaii yarn bowls

Sticking with ceramics, these pufferfish yarn bowls by rebesdreamland (US) are so cute that even non-crafters will want one. They’ll keep your yarn from getting tangled up too.

handmade yarn bowls

Or Little Wren Pottery (UK) has a more traditional design with these rabbit yarn bowls that come in 3 colours.

handmade kawaii crochet hooks

Why use a boring crochet hook when you could have a kawaii one? Little Gems Craft Shop (UK) has a few colourful designs made from polymer clay including clouds, strawberries and flowers.

handmade kawaii stitch markers

Knitters can add some cuteness with handmade polymer clay stitch markers from chapelviewcrafts (UK) which include some classic British cakes and biscuits. They also have matching needle minders.

cute cross stitch accessories

If you love cross stitch or embroidery, your floss deserves better than flimsy cardboard bobbins (or getting tangled up in a box!). Kate Blandford (UK) makes all kinds of useful laser cut accessories in fun designs and colours including pastels, glitter and confetti.

handmade kawaii needle minders

I love the idea of a cross stitched needle minder for your cross stitching and TheseStitchesBeCrazy (UK) has a few different needle minders to choose from, including a rainbow heart, bumblebee and Christmas pudding. There’s also kits that include everything you need to make your own.

sewing book pattern

If your fabric stash is getting out of control, use some of your favourite designs to make this Stitching Buddy sewing case from Rosie Taylor Crafts. It’s perfect for stitching on the go, with pockets and storage areas for thread, scissors, needles and more. There’s also some lovely patterns for bags, pouches and desk tubs in the shop.

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