Winter 2023 Pusheen Box Review

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Here’s our review of the Winter Pusheen Box with a Home Sweet Home theme full of cute holiday treats for a Meowy Christmas! Full spoilers ahead if yours hasn’t arrived yet.

Winter 2023 Pusheen Box Review

I was so excited to be handed this very festive box by the postie! Pusheen Box has never done a full on Christmas theme before and I’m so glad they finally went for it and that the box arrived well in time. The vinyl figure has Pusheen wrapped up like a Christmas tree and is perfect for displaying with all my other kawaii decorations.

Winter 2023 Pusheen Box Review

Inside everything was looking very festive too with a bright red and mint green colour scheme. There were 7 items in the Winter 2023 Pusheen Box – sweatshirt, tea infuser, sticky notepad, coaster set, spa headband, greeting cards and vinyl figure. Let’s have a closer look.


Winter 2023 Pusheen Box Review

This was a spoiler item on Instagram but I still gasped when I saw it because it is so perfect and kawaii. I’ve not had a fun Christmas jumper since I was a child, and never one so cute as this! I love the colours and the printed pattern with little Pusheens, sweets and snowflakes.

Winter 2023 Pusheen Box Review

It’s very similar to the Boosheen sweatshirt from last year with a warm fuzzy lining, but feels a little less oversized so more well-fitting for wearing out and about rather than lounging on the sofa. I should probably be making the most of the holiday season and wearing it immediately but I’m keeping it for Christmas with my family. More photos to come, maybe…

Tea Infuser & Coaster Set

Winter 2023 Pusheen Box Review

There’s been a lot of mugs and glasses over the years so I wasn’t initially very interested in this tea infuser but I have actually been using every single day. It’s a glass mug with a metal infuser that clips into place and a silicon lid with Pusheen. Everything works as expected and is easy to clean but I’m mainly impressed by how long it keeps the tea hot compared to a ceramic mug. It really is amazing. The one issue I have is that the lid is for the infuser so if you use a tea with a short infusion and remove it, you’re left with just a plain glass mug which isn’t very exciting.

Winter 2023 Pusheen Box Review

The two cork coasters match the infuser really nicely and are good quality. Pusheen, you are not going on the nice list if you chew up everyone’s gifts! While I don’t mind using the infuser after Christmas, the coasters will likely get put away with the decorations in January so I’m making sure to use them now.

Greeting Cards

This is a pack of 6 holiday cards with very cute designs, complete with red and green envelopes with a little Pusheen on the back. They’re a large size as well so great for writing a letter to a friend or sending from the whole family. Good to see Stormy & Pip getting a look-in too as they’ve not really been included in this year’s boxes. I don’t think I can bear to part with any of these yet so I’m just going to display them and we’ll see if anyone makes my nice list next year.

Sticky Notepad

Winter 2023 Pusheen Box Review

More stationery! This is quite a thick pad of sticky notes with Pusheen curled up in a wreath. They’d be cute for reminders while you’re getting organised for Christmas, or for adding a little note in with gifts you’re posting or dropping off.

Spa Headband

Winter 2023 Pusheen Box Review

And one item that isn’t holiday-themed so you can use it all year round. This is a soft stretchy plush headband to hold your hair back and perfect for a bit of relaxation at home with a face mask. The embroidered details and little ears make this extra cute and I’ll be giving it a go, even though I’m not usually one for pampering.

Final Thoughts

Winter 2023 Pusheen Box Review

I’m so glad Pusheen Box’s promise to get these out in time for the holidays worked out perfectly as it would have been so disappointing to get it late. The box has really cheered me up in little ways as I finish up work for the year and get ready for Christmas. The sweatshirt is almost worth the price of the box in itself and I cannot wait to wear it! I also really love the tea infuser, vinyl figure and greeting cards. This feels like one of the first boxes in a while where I will keep and use everything. The theme is maybe a little unfair to subscribers who don’t celebrate Christmas but it’s been requested so much and I’m pretty sure it’s the very first time in 8 years. It’s been another great year of Pusheen Box and I’m looking forward to seeing what they have planned for 2024.

Pricing & Shipping

Winter 2023 Pusheen Box

The Winter 2023 Pusheen Box (& Cat Kit) are still available if you want to get one of those sweatshirts for yourself. The Spring 2024 theme should be announced in a few weeks – follow Pusheen Box on Instagram to find out about it and get some spoilers.

Pusheen Box costs $43.95 (or $39.95 if you buy an annual subscription) + shipping (USA: $6, International: $25-30) for $100+ worth of all-exclusive products. UK boxes do not have any customs fees to pay.

(Box was provided by Pusheen Box for review but all words and photographs are my own)

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    that sweatshirt and infuser set are perfect!

    from a Canadian perspective, while it is a Christmas theme, I dont think it’s in a way most people who aren’t of that faith will mind, wreaths and trees seem to be embraced by most people when it gets cold and dark here,they’re just nice to have around. wise choices.

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