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Spring 2023 Pusheen Box Review

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Here’s our review of the Spring Pusheen Box, at long last! It had a Sips theme with sweet drink-themed treats.

Spring 2023 Pusheen Box Review

There was a bit of a mix up this time and we almost didn’t get this box but luckily they were able to send one out later. This has to be the biggest box yet and had a cute strawberry milk design. It really is so big, I struggled to find a background empty enough to take photos of it. The vinyl figure is also almost life size and features Bobasheen. I do think it would have been cuter at a smaller size but it is fun to hold like a real drink.

Spring 2023 Pusheen Box Review

The reason for the big box is that there are a few bulky and fragile items inside. There were 7 items in the Spring 2023 Pusheen Box: denim jacket, pen holder, notebook set, strawberry plush pouch, boba tumbler, magnet set and vinyl figure. Everything had a pastel colour scheme with lots of white, pink and aqua. Let’s have a closer look at my favourite items.

Bobasheen Tumbler

Spring 2023 Pusheen Box Review

This is so kawaii and really nice quality too, made of glass with a translucent print, plus a cork lid with rubber seal and a wide glass straw. It was packaged well but I still initially thought it was broken – turns out it was just the silica gel packet rattling around inside so thanks for that emotional rollercoaster! While glass is much nicer than plastic, it does feel quite thin and fragile and I was so worried washing it before I added a drink.

Spring 2023 Pusheen Box Review

I bought a can of apple boba tea especially for photos and you can’t even see the boba! Oh well, it tasted nice and the straw worked well. I’m always glad to see items like this that aren’t plastic but I’m not a huge boba fan so it has found a happy new owner in Nicolette.

Strawberry Milk Pen Holder

Spring 2023 Pusheen Box Review

This was a spoiler item and I was so excited about it. It’s even cuter in person and really well made with a big space inside for lots of pens. I crammed in about 10 thick Posca pens and there was still some room. It’s quite solid too and didn’t tip over when I added taller, heavier things like scissors and a ruler.

I appreciate all the nice details too, like ears that stick out above and the little feet on the bottom! This will be a great addition to my desk setup and I’m actually looking forward to reorganising things….once it cools down a bit.

Notebook Set

Spring 2023 Pusheen Box Review

I am always happy to see stationery and these B6 notebooks are very cute with strawberry and chocolate milk patterns on the covers. They have simple lined pages inside and no fun features but sometimes you just need a notebook to stash in your bag and I’m much more likely to use these instead of hoarding them away for something special.

Strawberry Plush Pouch

Spring 2023 Pusheen Box Review

I’m also a big fan of pouches and this is a very cute one, in the shape of a strawberry. It’s made of soft plush with a mesh lining and has a really nice metal charm on the zip. It’s quite flat and maybe a bit big for everyday use but it’s cute enough that I will find a use for it! It would work for school or journaling supplies or travel. You could also probably fit something like a small e-reader in it.

Fridge Magnets

Spring 2023 Pusheen Box Review

I don’t think we’ve had a magnet before and I’m glad they got around to it as these are perfect for the kitchen. They’re the thin, flat kind but still strong enough to hold up a sheet of paper or a photograph.

Final Thoughts

Spring 2023 Pusheen Box Review

Overall, I liked this box a lot and the drinks theme is one of my favourites for a while but the colours do feel a bit repetitive since the Winter box also had a lot of aqua and pink. I also wasn’t a fan of the denim jacket – white is such a tricky colour for clothing and and the only Pusheen part is a small patch on the front pocket. I wish it had been pink or aqua or had a back print too. I’m very happy with all the other items though, which are all useful and will make my home a little bit more kawaii.

Pricing & Shipping

Summer 2023 Pusheen Box

This box is sold out but the Summer 2023 Pusheen Box & Cat Kit are available to pre-order now, shipping in July. The theme for both is Ice Cream so there should be some fun items for staying cool this summer. Make sure to follow Pusheen Box on Instagram for the first spoilers.

Pusheen Box costs $43.95 (or $39.95 if you buy an annual subscription) + shipping (USA: $6, International: $25-30) for $100+ worth of all-exclusive products. UK boxes are now shipped from a UK hub with no customs fees to pay.

(Box was provided by Pusheen Box for review but all words and photographs are my own)

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