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Cute Dinosaur DIYs

Posted on June 8, 2023 by

Having recently visited a dinosaur-themed restaurant and rewatched all the original Jurassic Park movies, I felt the need to look up some cute dinosaur crafts. Here’s some fun DIYs, patterns and kits for crochet, knitting, sewing and more.

kawaii dinosaur crochet patterns

Hookedoncandy has a super cute collection of 5 Fruit Dino crochet patterns that you can buy individually or as a bargain bundle. The Melonosaurus is my favourite but there’s also Appletosaurus, Pearodactyl, Dragonfruiteratops and Pineapple Rex.

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Samdwich Clay Arts has made quite a few tutorials for clay dinosaurs and they all have such a sweet soft style. There’s no way you’d be worried about any of these chasing you around the jungle.

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dahchan Origami recently made 7 dinosaur origami tutorials and they’re all very cute and colourful. I need to have a go at the stegosaurus.

kawaii dinosaur plush sewing patterns

TSminibears (US) has an adorable style of making plush toys and you can try it too with their sewing patterns and full kits that include a video tutorial as well as printed instructions. There’s 5 dinosaurs to choose from with a Stegosaurus ,Triceratops, Pterodactyl, Brontosaur and T-Rex.

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If you’re more of a beginner sewist, try these easy Sock Dinosaurs from Sugar Maple Crafts with a T-Rex and Brachiosaurus made from fuzzy socks.

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If you enjoy needle felting Binc Bonc shows you How to Make A Dino with this cute tutorial. It can even sit up for a desk friend.

t-rex dinosaur knitting patterns

Mochimochi Land has 2 knitting patterns for Tina the Tiny T-Rex and Tori the Tiny Triceratops and they’re small enough that you can make an entire herd, or gifts for friends.

dinosaur cross stitch patterns

This Dinosaur Alphabet cross stitch pattern or kit by Dear Sukie Crafts (CAN) would make a great gift for a dino-mad kid’s bedroom. You could also just stitch your favourite dinosaurs in a smaller frame or hoop.

This was originally going to be a Buy & DIY post but there were too many cute crafts I couldn’t leave out. If you’d like a dinosaur shopping picks post too, let me know!

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