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Legend of Zelda Crafts & DIYs

Posted on May 12, 2023 by

It’s finally Tears of the Kingdom release day and Zelda fans globally will be clearing their schedules to dig in. I may as well just close this blog and see you next year sometime (I am joking, hopefully…). Whether you’re new to Zelda games or grew up with them, here’s some cute crafts and DIYs to make.

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Jamie.Photo has a mix of Legend of Zelda DIYs to try including a Sheikah slate notebook, fairy in a bottle earrings and a Silent Princess flower in a pot.

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If you love sand seals as much as Riju, you can make some plushies like hers with this tutorial by Witchcrafty. I love how handmade it looks.

Zelda BOTW Bokoblin crochet patterns

Anyone who’s played a lot of BOTW soon starts feeling sorry for Bokoblins as they are really not the brightest. This crochet pattern by Giftips captures their charm perfectly. You could even make a whole set in every colour.

Zelda crochet patterns

It’s about time I mentioned the heroes of the story and xMangoRose has crochet doll patterns for both Zelda and Link. The little sword and shield are adorable!

Zelda BOTW Korok crochet patterns

Depending on how many Korok seeds you collected (yeah, I did all 900 in both normal and Master Mode), you either love or hate them. You can’t deny their cuteness though and ElizettaCrafts has a mix and match set of Korok crochet patterns to make lots of varieties. You’ll also find Hestu and Makar from Wind Waker in the shop.

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If you prefer sewing, Kasey Golden has patterns for a few Zelda ornaments including a Korok, Bokoblin and Goron.

Link's Awakening Zelda cross stitch patterns

The pixel style of the older Zelda games make perfect cross stitch patterns and A Stitch To The Past has an incredible selection of Zelda patterns that includes designs from Link’s Awakening and even Age of Oracles/Seasons.

Zelda BOTW tapestry cross stitch pattern

If you’re feeling ambitious there are some huge cross stitch patterns that will keep you busy for a very long time. A few sellers on Etsy have patterns for full world maps including Link’s Awakening and A Link to the Past. The real bragging rights project though is the BOTW tapestry. There’s a free/pay-what-you-can pattern there by colorbandiits who has been stitching away for a few years on Instagram, as has nyx’s botw tapestry on Tumblr.

As for me, I have picked up my long-abandoned Link’s Awakening Wind Fish tapestry and hope to finish it soon, in between gaming sessions.

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