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SCK Tries…Easter Window Decorations

Posted on April 7, 2023 by

It’s another edition of SCK Tries where we try out a DIY to see how it works in real life and whether we’d recommend you give it a go. This time I’m trying an Easter-themed tissue paper craft kit.

The Original DIY

Easter Window Decorations kit

Quirky Danish lifestyle store Søstrene Grene recently opened a branch in Glasgow including some fun Easter decorations, gifts and activities. Nicolette picked up this craft kit for my birthday so I was kind of obliged to give it a go! It’s for making stained glass style window decorations with tissue paper.

Kit Contents

Easter Window Decorations kit

The kit includes everything you need to make four decorations – sticky background and outline pieces, a bag of tissue paper circles and an extremely basic instruction sheet with no text at all.


Easter Window Decorations kit

I did get that the general idea was to peel off the backing sheet, place the tissue circles in a pleasing arrangement, cut around the edges and then stick the black outline on top. Adding the circles was definitely the most fun part!

Easter Window Decorations kit

Adding the outline was an absolute nightmare though. The backing didn’t want to peel off, and you have to be careful to only peel the parts that you want to stick down so that, for example, the circles or eyes are in the right place. And then you have a very thin, floppy, sticky piece to try and place correctly with no second chances. The egg was fairly easy but the others all had tricky outlines to match.

Easter Window Decorations kit

It was really disappointing to discover that there was only enough tissue paper for 2 of the characters – such a cheapskate move! Even my extensive hoard of craft supplies didn’t include tissue circles but I did have sheets of tissue paper in Easter colours. Once they were all finished, you peel off the final backing paper and stick them to your window.

The End Result

Easter Window Decorations kit

I was a bit wary of sticking these to my window in case I couldn’t get them off again but they’re not super sticky and can be moved around. The stained glass effect works really well and I was quite pleased with the results. The multi-colour characters look so much more fun and Easter-ish though, so it’s a real shame they didn’t include enough for the whole set.

Easter Window Decorations kit

I can’t really recommend this kit since it was lacking instructions and supplies, difficult to make and the finished pieces can only be displayed for a short time. It’s also made me less likely to try any of their other kits in case they are similarly shoddy. Still, it’s always nice to try something new and they do cheer up my studio. PS. I can’t take any credit for the garden background – those flowers are all my neighbours’ work!

Update: I left these up over Easter and my initial instincts proved to be all too correct as they became welded to the window and took a lot of effort with a wet sponge and scraper to get all the glue off. If you’re reading this post before making this kit, throw it in the bin! Or at least remove them from the window after a few hours.

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