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New Cable Bites & Zipper Bites

Posted on March 23, 2023 by

You may remember Cable Bites having a moment a few years ago and I still love using mine every day. New characters and collections are still being added but I was even more excited to notice the company have also invented Zipper Bites and BIG Cable Bites.

kawaii animal cable bites

As you might guess, Zipper Bites attach to a zip so you can add a cute animal or character to your pencil case, backpack, hoodie or anything else you feel like. Of course there are plenty of animals to choose from and I especially like the ones that are hanging on for dear life.

Sanrio zipper bites

There’s character collaborations too including Sanrio, Kirby, Peanuts and One Piece, and hopefully they’ll be adding even more.

Pui Pui Molcar cable bites

The Cable Bites range is huge now and there’s so many cute options, from characters like Pui Pui Molcar, Pokemon, Sumikko Gurashi, Demon Slayer and Miffy to animals, dinosaurs and even glow in the dark.

Pikachu & Kirby big cable bites

I may have screamed out loud when I spotted the Cable Bite BIG because these are absolutely hilarious and I need one. The Pikachu & Kirby versions are perfection but there’s also a few animals. It looks like they’re designed for Apple USB plugs so those should be a universal size.

big cable bites

The official Dreams shop (JP) does ship internationally but some characters are Japan-only so you would need to use a forwarding service instead. There’s a US Dreams shop too which has a decent selection of animals in all styles but no characters. You can also try your luck with resellers but be careful as there are a lot of unlicensed copies around.

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