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Winter 2022 Pusheen Box Review

Posted on January 9, 2023 by

Here’s our review of the Winter Pusheen Box! It had a gaming theme that promised to be NEXT LEVEL!

Winter 2022 Pusheen Box Review

Despite not being particularly winter or holiday-themed, this box arrived just in time to feel like an early Christmas present. The box design was really cute featuring Pusheen wearing a headset plus a pixel heart speech bubble on top. The vinyl figure was great too with Pusheen & Stormy in 2 player mode. I love bad loser Pusheen so much!

Winter 2022 Pusheen Box Review

There were 8 items in the Winter 2022 Pusheen Box: hoodie, beanie hat, mouse pad, wrist rest, device sleeve, ornament, cable bite and vinyl figure. Unfortunately the cable bite was missing from my box. Everything had a pastel pixel art theme with lots of pink and aqua. Let’s have a closer look.


Winter 2022 Pusheen Box Review

I brought this to my family Christmas up north so you actually get a modeled photo for the first time! The clothing items have been my favourites for a while now and this is another awesome addition to my wardrobe. It’s similar in weight and warmth to the Boosheen jumper and also has a fuzzy lining inside – and pockets! Not really warm enough for a winter beach walk (it snowed not long after this!) but it was very cosy and comfy around the house and on the train home.

Winter 2022 Pusheen Box Review

The back print is the main event but there’s also a little bad loser Pusheen on the front and some cool coloured pixels up the arms. It ‘s a great size for layering too and I could even put a coat on top for extra warmth. This will definitely get a lot of use all year round.

Mouse Pad & Wrist Rest

Winter 2022 Pusheen Box Review

The other main items are a set to cute up your desk. Both are bright and colourful with fun gaming graphics and I especially like the Tetris background on the mousepad. Despite this photo, the whole reason I have my weird current life is because I had to stop working at a desk because of RSI so I never use a mouse pad or wrist rest.

Winter 2022 Pusheen Box Review

If you do have a desk or gaming setup, these would be very cute additions and they’re decent quality that should hold up for a while. I’m actually a little sad I can’t use these as my pastel mouse fits in perfectly!

Device Case

Winter 2022 Pusheen Box Review

When you’re done working or gaming, pop your laptop or tablet inside this padded case. It’s not super high quality but the illustration is very cute and it has a wipe clean finish so it’s certainly fine for home use and keeping things free from dust, spillages and other minor accidents. It’s well-padded but it’s not going to provide much protection if you drop it and the velcro fastening isn’t very strong so I wouldn’t use it on the go. I already have cases for my devices but luckily Nicolette just got a new laptop so she’ll be happy to have this. I see also I have subconsciously connected ‘weekend plans’ with ‘my duvet’.


Winter 2022 Pusheen Box Review

This is perhaps a nod to the delivery time being around the holidays but does anyone really use non-festive hanging ornaments? Perhaps if you have a gaming/pop culture themed Christmas tree? The design is very cute but I really have no idea where I would put this and the printed acrylic is too fragile to be used as a bag charm or keyring. It could be a cute decoration for a gaming room but I don’t think I’ll be using it.

Final Thoughts

Winter 2022 Pusheen Box Review

A gaming theme really appealed to me and I love the designs and colours, but sadly this box just isn’t very useful for me personally since I’m a diehard Nintendo gamer and don’t use a desk or have a gaming area. The hat is also not really my style – and nowhere near as cute as the glittery Boosheen beanie from 2021. I do absolutely love the hoodie and vinyl figure, and would have used the cable bite, but otherwise it’s a bit of a miss this time. A subscription box is never going to be 100% themes or items you love though and the last few boxes have more than made up for this one. This does seem to be a pattern of the Winter boxes and I really hope they do something more winter/snow themed next year, or festive-ish, like gingerbread!

Pricing & Shipping

Spring 2023 Pusheen Box

This box is sold out but the Spring 2023 Pusheen Box & Cat Kit are available to pre-order now, shipping in April. The theme for both is Sips, which is the recent Pusheen drinks collection so I’m excited for more foodie items. Make sure to follow Pusheen Box on Instagram for the first spoilers.

Pusheen Box costs $43.95 (or $39.95 if you buy an annual subscription) + shipping (USA: $6, International: $25-30) for $100+ worth of all-exclusive products. UK boxes are now shipped from a UK hub with no customs fees to pay. They even switched to Evri during the Royal Mail strikes and my box was delivered in a few days.

(Box was provided by Pusheen Box for review but all words and photographs are my own)

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