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Kawaii Waffle Makers & Recipes

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I couldn’t resist buying myself a Pikachu waffle maker when I spotted some in Lidl over Christmas and I’ve been having a lot of fun with it. If you’d like to join me, here’s some more kawaii waffle makers and some recipes to try.

Pikachu waffle maker

Despite being very cheap, my waffle maker works surprisingly well and makes really good waffles (most of the time, I’m still perfecting my skills) that also happen to look very cute! I’d always kind of wanted a waffle maker and having hot fresh waffles whenever I want is pretty amazing. It doesn’t take up too much space either and is easy enough to clean.

Kawaii Waffle Makers

Kawaii waffle makers

My waffle maker is by Uncanny Brands, which is available at loads of shops including Amazon (UK / US) with not just Pikachu but many other Pokemon, plus Star Wars, Marvel, Peanuts and more. Most are the small one person size but there’s a few larger machines and some that make special shapes like the Millennium Falcon or BB-8.

Hello Kitty waffle maker

Sanrio (US) also have a Hello Kitty waffle maker that looks a bit bigger and is cute enough to let you pretend you’re at a character cafe in Japan. There’s also plenty of non-character designs around that are still cute – look out for offers on heart-shaped waffle makers around Valentine’s.

Cute Waffle Recipes

Most of the waffle makers say that they can also be used to make things like eggs, brownies, cakes and toasted sandwiches but let’s stick to waffle recipes to start off. If you have any tips or recipes to try, do let me know!

Watch on YouTube

Top of my list to try are these adorable mini kawaii rainbow waffles from Kawaii Sweet World. All you really need is some food colouring but the chocolate faces and cream clouds make it extra kawaii.

Watch on YouTube

The mini watermelon waffles by AWESMR pop are also really fun and clever, and only need 2 colours so might be a bit easier to start with.

red velvet waffles recipe

Waffles are a staple of character cafes and it’s easy to replicate this at home by adding lots of toppings and decorations. The Pink Velvet Waffles recipe at Somewhat Simple would make a great starting point and then you could use the photos on the ARTBOX Cafe Instagram for decorating inspiration.

Pokemon waffles recipe

For a savoury option, Vegan Dollhouse has a tutorial for Pizza Pokeball Waffles! She also has a few more vegan waffle recipes to choose from including buffalo “chicken”, minestrone and Mounds bars (Bounty in the UK).

fun waffle recipes

There’s many many more recipes to try too – here’s a roundup of 80 Waffle Recipes that has both sweet and savoury options, as well as fun things like waffle tacos, waffle pie, waffled apple slices and waffle cones for ice cream.

Happy waffling!

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